Houston MacGregor West

Civics Association Inc.



Meetings: MacGregor West Civic Association board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month. They are open to any lot owner in good standing. If you would like to be involved or have an issue that needs to be brought up, please email the board at houstonmacgregorwest@gmail.com. 

Our next general meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th at 3:00 pm at 2522 Kevin Ln. Please join us as we meet our neighbors. 

Just a reminder concerning deed restrictions and ways to keep our Neighborhood nice: 

Please keep your trash cans where they can't be seen from the street.
Please remove vehicles that do not work from your driveway or road.
Please repair garage doors, old rotting wood, paint, etc. 

Doing so will help preserve the aesthetic of our neighborhood.